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Project Description

VTA's Rail Rehabilitation and Replacement program is an on-going effort to ensure that its light rail track infrastructure remains safe, reliable and in an enhanced state of good repair. Previous projects have included the rehabilitation and replacement of overhead power wires, rail, concrete panels, special track work, switches, and concrete embedded rail. 


Scope of Services

RSE provided a wide range of signal engineering, civil/track design rehabilitation, and construction support services for the VTA light rail system.


The work included preparation of the complete set of construction documents including plans, construction cost estimates, and specifications (PS&E). RSE’s scope of services additionally included the preparation of assessment reports, inspection forms, construction contract documents, cost estimates, plans, and technical specifications for the rehabilitation, repair, and replacement of various light rail system components along the VTA light rail corridor.


As part of the design scope, VTA intends to rehabilitate and replace the existing half-grand with all associated modifications at Younger Street/First Street to track, civil, signals, overhead contact system, or communications; and new signal vital processor design of the Chynoweth interlocking system with complete integration and testing. 

Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA)
San Jose, California
Asset Management
Construction Modeling
Project Delivery
  • Review of contractor submittals for compliance with contract specifications

  • Liaison between contractor and VTA operations for installation and testing of work

  • Inspection of signal equipment installation work to support VTA inspection forces

  • Witnessing of contractor testing for contract and safety compliance

  • Preparation of rail activation plans for VTA operations and light rail training personnel

  • Preparation of signal system operation SOP’s for VTA light rail training department

  • Participation in rail activation and dynamic testing operations

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