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Project Description

The 76.6 -mile long Antelope Valley Line (AVL) commuter rail corridor between Lancaster and downtown Los Angeles, CA is anticipated to experience strong population and employment growth over the next 20 years. Solutions to realize the full potential of this corridor are crucial to support the increase in growth. Currently, around 66% of the AVL corridor is single track, meaning that only one track is provided to operate trains in both directions. This limits the ability to run more frequent and regularized services, especially during off peak hours and weekends.

In addition to track limitations there are constraints with maintenance and storage facilities at the Lancaster Station Terminal. This project helped facilitate plans to improve rail service frequency and reliability to communities along the entire 76.6-mile commuter corridor.

Scope of Services

RSE provided a track alignment alternative study and prepared conceptual engineering plans for the 76-mile rail corridor from Los Angeles Union Station to Lancaster, CA.


The engineering work that RSE's team provided involved the design of new track alignment alternatives to accommodate future high-speed rail and the addition of double tracks in various locations to increase rail capacity. The engineering work required close coordination between the stakeholders including XpressWest, Metrolink, UPRR, and LA Metro.


RSE also analyzed the track sections to determine right-of-way impacts, requirements of new bridges, boring new tunnels, and relocation of a station.

LA Metro
Los Angeles County:
Los Angeles Station ⇆ Lancaster
  • 76 miles
Field Services
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