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Project Description

The Communication based Overlay Signal System (CBOSS) Positive Train Control (PTC) project (CBOSS PTC) was an advanced signal system project that equipped the Caltrain corridor with federally-mandated safety technology (by December 2015) and increased system capacity to help accommodate future increase in ridership demand.  The advanced signal system is interoperable with all other rail systems that access the Caltrain corridor, including commuter rail, freight rail and, in the future, high-speed rail. 


Scope of Services

RSE was selected to establish the PTC database and provide engineering oversight on the project.  RSE provided review of configuration, design, and implementation of the CBOSS PTC database creation and development; data management process; and data validation.  RSE, as the data management lead, provided direction to the Contractor during system implementation and testing; reviewed procedures of all system and subsystem testing plans and procedures; supported the JPB staff and project team in the development of the FRA required documentations; and provided oversight for field systems testing activities and final revenue service demonstration (RSD) and acceptance. In addition, RSE Staff also provided technical support for updating the employee timetable and the track chart; evaluation of the signaling and communication systems; and reviewed the testing plans.

Peninsula Corridor Joint Powers Board (PCJPB) – Caltrain
Bay Area, California
  • 10 miles across 4 train stations
Asset Management
Field Services
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