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Project Description

The purpose of the Bridge Management Program (BMP) is to prevent the deterioration of railroad bridges by preserving their capability to safely carry rail traffic. Ongoing, planned bridge maintenance reduces the risk of human casualties, environmental damage, and disruption to the Nation’s railroad transportation system. 

Scope of Services

RSE provided bridge inspections and implemented a program for ongoing bridge management and maintenance practices.


RSE's support of BART's Bridge Management Program (BMP) includes:

  • Bridge inventory

  • Preservation of documents, records, and audits

  • Implementation of the bridge inspection program

  • Bridge inspection

  • Determination of bridge capacities

  • Preparation and delivery of bridge inspection reports

San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District (BART) &
City of Union City, Public Works Department
San Francisco Bay Area, CA & Contra Costa County, CA
Field Services
Asset Management
BART Transit Asset Management.jpg


Over the last two years, RSE staff has been supporting BART's comprehensive Asset Management Program (AMP),by assisting agency staff to maintain its long-term plan to address system reinvestment, minimize risk, and maintain financial stability.


As a fixed rail system that carries riders across four counties, BART is a capital intensive system. BART operates and maintains a wide variety of capital assets and manages a great deal of physical infrastructure throughout the Bay Area including signal, communications, tracks, stations, and other facilities. BART’s infrastructure is valued at $21 billion and has recently developed an Asset Management Strategy to efficiently and effectively transform this high performing, but aging transit system into a new world class system over the next 10 years. The strategy is specifically designed to show maximal value for money and to manage safety, operational, and financial risk.


The comprehensive AMP for which RSE has contributed its expertise, knowledge and experience allows BART to take a more systematic, risk-focused approach to prioritizing investment of scarce resources for both operating and capital needs. BART’s 40,000+ assets are generally divided into six broad categories: Guideways, Facilities, Non-Revenue Vehicles, Systems, Revenue Vehicles, and Support. RSE staff continues to work closely with various BART departments; including Systems, Electrical & Mechanical, Capital Projects, and Civil/Structural to provide monthly report on capital assets, operations, and budgeting.

Services include:

  • Documentation of baseline data measurements

  • Regular-reporting regarding progress of portfolio and project goals

  • Preparation of procurement-ready packages

  • Presentations to management and staff regarding status, controls, and progress of Capital Infrastructure Renewal Program objectives related to Asset Management and Strategic/Preventative Maintenance

  • Capital program budgeting and project scoping

  • Preparation of project work plans and schedules

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