VTA, Downtown Rail Rehabilitation

Under this on-call services contract, RSE provided rehabilitation design for the VTA light rail system within downtown San Jose. The work included installation of grade crossing panels, new rail and special track work. RSE provided complete design and construction support services for the entire project from conceptual design to final construction.

Key Project Activities Include:

  • Civil and track design
  • PS&E packages for civil, track and signal upgrades
  • Multi-stakeholder coordination
  • Construction staging and operations analysis
  • Special Trackwork procurement
  • Construction support services

VTA Track and Signal Rehabilitations

RSE provided engineering and construction support services for the track and signal rehabilitation of the VTA’s downtown transit mall. The engineering work included trackwork, special trackwork, grade crossings, signals, and communications with trackwork and signaling upgrades as two major components for the rehabilitation.

RSE was the primary engineering consultant on this project for the preparation of the complete set of construction documents including plans, construction cost estimates, and specifications (PS&E). Trackwork design included site plans, track alignment and profile, typical track sections, track demolition, track construction details, track wire and signal circuit replacements, and special trackwork. Engineering support included technical specifications, construction cost estimates, schedule, and structural calculations for track slab reinforcements.

The project consisted of replacing embedded track, reconstructing roadways, reconstructing special trackwork, upgrading signal systems, and installing new signal and power.

The key features for signal-related work included replacing existing vital and non-vital relay logic with solid state VHLC microprocessor controller, installing new Hanning & Kahl HCS-V bi-directional TWC communication equipment, installing solid state GE HSC switch controllers, installing new signal heads with 8 3/8” LED aspects, preparing VHLC vital and non-vital application software programs, and providing control from the signal locations to the Operations Control Center (OCC).

Key Project Activities Include:

  • Review of contractor submittals for compliance with contract specifications
  • Liaison between contractor and VTA operations for installation and testing of work
  • Inspection of signal equipment installation work to support VTA inspection forces
  • Witnessing of contractor testing for contract and safety compliance
  • Preparation of rail activation plans for VTA operations and light rail training personnel
  • Preparation of signal system operation SOP’s for VTA light rail training department
  • Participation in rail activation and dynamic testing operations

VTA Capitol Expressway Light Rail

RSE provided track alignment alternative studies, track alignment, track profile, and special trackwork design for the 3.1 miles light rail extension along Capitol Expressway from the existing Alum Rock Station to the Neiman Boulevard Station. RSE completed deliverables of plans, specifications, and estimates for trackwork and special trackwork.