Caltrain Centralized Equipment, Maintenance, and Operations Facility (CEMOF)

RSE provided civil engineering, track design, right-of-way engineering, track inspection, and construction survey for this project. RSE also worked very closely with the PCJPB staff to provide construction support services during construction.

Key Project Activities Include:

  • Initial site assessment
  • Detailed site investigation
  • Preliminary engineering and PS&E
  • Construction support services
  • Civil and track inspection during construction

Caltrain CTX Capital Improvement Project

This project included reconstructing 10 miles of double-track, four train stations, platforms and shelters, installing new train signalization, renovating surrounding parking lots, realigning track with new transit centers and train stations, flattening out curves, and improving drainage. RSE also provided field engineering support services and construction surveying for the project

Key Project Activities Include:

  • Track alignment design
  • Special Trackwork design
  • Intersection safety improvements conforming to MUCTD and PCJPB standards
  • Signal improvements
  • Rehabilitation of existing stations
  • Updating PA, CMS, and TVM systems
  • Station architectural and landscaping enhancements
  • Construction staking