BART Berryessa Extension Design Build Project

RSE has provided planning, design and construction services to major rail transit agencies. The representative major projects completed within the last ten years and currently in progress are described below.

RSE provided construction support and survey services for the design and construction of the line, track, systems and Stations for the 10-mile Berryessa Extension Project. RSE provides a team of engineers and surveyors to provide engineering support and field construction staking for this $ 772 million design build contract. The RSE team works closely with the designers and the construction managers to verify the final design, prepare construction layouts, and provide construction stakes for the overall construction of tracks, systems, stations, and structures.

Project highlights:

  • Review issued for construction drawings and verify site conditions prior to staking
  • Maintain existing survey control network and set additional control for construction
  • Perform as-built survey and construction staking
  • Provide corridor wide construction support services
  • Provide on-going office support and construction coordination
  • Maintain up to date records of in-house design and construction documents
  • Set and verify right of way for construction of tracks, stations, roadways, utilities, and other major facilities

Desert Xpress

Rail Surveyors and Engineers (RSE) provided survey and mapping for the 193-mile XpressWest high speed rail corridor along Interstate 15 from Victorville, CA to Las Vegas, NV. RSE utilized Survey Grade GPS technology to perform the control surveying. It is a challenge for any project team in setting a control network to meet mapping accuracy requirements within a demanding schedule of seven weeks. Due to the length, remoteness, and required efficiency of the project RSE planned its approach to ensure the best possible quality and precision of the control network.

UPRR On-Call Railroad Engineering and Surveying

RSE provided on-called professional services in railroad surveying and engineering for many track rehabilitation and improvement projects over the last 10 years. RSE’s staff worked closely with UPRR’s engineering and construction departments in resolving many construction issues in track lining and tamping, roadbed grading, bridge deck replacement, bridge pile installation, grade crossing, clearance and right of way encroachment.

Key Project Activities Include:

  • Design of universal crossovers
  • Design of conceptual plans for new spur track alignments
  • Rail profile studies for railroad bridges
  • Alignment design and construction support for the main line tracks
  • Engineering and construction support for new track alignments
  • Engineering and surveying support for a new siding tracks
  • Track alignment optimization from Sacramento to Donner Pass

CPUC/Caltrain Grade Crossing Hazard Analysis

RSE is provided a comprehensive hazards analysis for 42 at-grade crossings along the Caltrain Corridor from San Francisco to San Jose. The analysis included identifying potential hazards and providing mitigation strategies to reduce hazard risks. As part of the risk evaluation,  hazards and risks by gathering information from various sources including traffic counts, volume of pedestrians and bicyclists at the individual intersections, and collecting information from various stake holders such as counties and local city jurisdictions.

Highway 1- Half Moon Bay

RSE provided survey and mapping for a segment of Highway 1 in Half Moon Bay. RSE established survey targets and provide planimetric mapping in accordance with Caltrans standards. The survey work included includes edges of travel ways, edges of pavement, grade breaks, flow-lines, low points, high points, top and toe of slope, top of the curb, and the back of the sidewalk at 25’ intervals.

RCTC Perris Valley Line Project

RSE provided surveying, mapping, and right of way engineering for the 23 mile commuter rail extension from Riverside to Perris Valley.  The project’s aim is to link local communities in the County of Riverside to the Southern California commuter rail network. RSE services included:

Surveying and Mapping

  • Project mapping
  • Topographic surveying
  • Underground utility mapping

Right-of-Way Engineering

  • Assistance in establishing right-of-way limits for various construction stages
  • Provide coordination with title companies, county agencies, city agencies, transit agencies, and private railroads
  • Provide filing of record of survey
  • File certificate of parcel merger for the Perris Downtown Station and a corner record for the Moreno Valley/March Field Station
  • Provide legal descriptions and plats for 7 temporary construction easements
  • Provide legal descriptions and plats for 8 acquisitions, street dedications or road closure
  • Provide Subdivision Map Act consultation for waiving filing a parcel map per SMA Section 66428 resulting in huge time and cost savings to the Commission