Q1: How to specify a folder for upload?
A1: The folder is set by the ‘current viewing folder’, it is fixed and can not be changed.
Q2: How to delete the uploaded files?
A2: Under the MANAGE page, you can delete/edit file(s).
Q3: How can I download the upload file(s)?
A3: Move your mouse over the desired file and click on the file to start downloading the file. You can copy the file link address(right-click the file name, then click ‘copy link address’) and send the link to others for direct download. (no login is required)
Q4: Is log-in required for download?
A4: No. Please ensure to copy the ‘link address’ to your uploaded file if you wish to allow others to download target file directly.
Q5: How can I upload files larger than 500 MB?
A5: For files larger than 500 MB, please contact RSE staff and request FTP account info.